How to Develop Mystery-Themed Casino Games

Everybody loves a good mystery game. As much as we want to admit it, we want to experience being in a detective story or a train ride with a murder on board. It just appeals to our sense of curiosity and our own desire to uncover what lies underneath.

The best thing about this is that mystery games have an air of uncertainty. On that note, we can almost describe mystery games as akin to playing in the casino, where everyone’s unsure of the outcomes.

Come to think of it, mystery games make for a great theme for casino games. Let’s look at how we can develop games for casino.

Focus on building anticipation

focus on building anticpation - How to Develop Mystery-Themed Casino Games

In mystery games, the answers are already there. The players will only have to find them. Card games and slot machines, on the other hand, are more unforgiving. They will only give you the results you wanted as they see fit. They don’t consider anything else but randomness.

In this sense, you should be able to provide just as much suspense to the slot machines you’re making. You should try and enjoy games here

Give a touch of drama

give touch of drama - How to Develop Mystery-Themed Casino Games

The big reveal in mystery games is what makes them so appealing to people of all ages. At the scene of a crime, people want answers to pressing questions, almost to the point of confrontation.

We can also achieve a form of high-impact drama at the casino, where people confront their luck and create tension as they wait for the roulette wheel to stop and for the dealer to turn the cards over. For this, you can create a life-or-death plotline where the characters’ fate will depend on the decisions you make. This should create enough tension that reels players to your game.

Allow room for creative thinking

allow room for creative thinking - How to Develop Mystery-Themed Casino Games

Logic and its best friend deduction have a relevant role to play in mystery games. In order to solve a problem, you will have to be scientific with uncovering new evidences and clues, as well as connecting the dots.

When developing casino games, it helps to allow players to choose from various courses of action and play with the possibilities that lie before them. As much as possible, you should provide players just about enough control to turn their fortune around. For instance, you can have players solve puzzles that push them to find a way out of a locked room or cell.

Make it relatable

A good mystery story is all about the characters and how they act in the various situations they are in. In this case, it’s important that you create characters that have relatable qualities.

If you include such characters in your casino game, people would want to play it more and more. This is because a compelling premise and storyline does the work of attracting people to the story itself, almost to the point of forgetting that they’re actually gambling. Come to think of it, it’s always best to make your players feel that they’re doing more than just playing with Lady Luck.

relatable qualities - How to Develop Mystery-Themed Casino Games