Do You Dare Climb No Security: The Red Tower?

No Security: The Red Tower

the red tower - Do You Dare Climb No Security: The Red Tower?

From the line of system less horror which originally appeared in the No Security Kick starter, Hebanon games brings another masterpiece “The Red Tower”. This will sure hit the gaming charts and will give those gaming enthusiast a must have.


dust bowl victims - Do You Dare Climb No Security: The Red Tower?

It was 1931 even the Windy City of Chicago was a victim of the effects of the Dust Bowl. Illegal trades like gambling, racketeering and more are also hit by depression. When Capone’s reign has preceded and along with his downfall comes the fall of Chicago’s corrupt establishments. His arrest because of tax evasion got the mob jumbled and messed up. Then after the exposure of his corruption. It allowed great opportunities for the socialist to orchestrate a revolution made by the oppressed. As the power vacuum invites a lot of guests, two criminals structured themselves into power.

As the mobsters felt the loss of Capone who was elusive against the eyes of the government. The government must find a way to stop the communist. Regardless of the two faction’s motives, they find themselves hindered by unknown forces. Then something happened a socialist reporter was not sighted after an undercover assignment. The government must hold a huge factory which, shouldn’t exist.


character - Do You Dare Climb No Security: The Red Tower?

In game characters will more likely to be appearing from one of the four factions. This means that they need to face each other that will result into a great adventure.  The players will discover a horror that lurks within the meat factory. The question is how the players will deal with their discovery. How will they set aside their ideologies as well for them to defeat the danger that’s been growing for decades?


The Red Tower offers a glimpse of a good ending. But, to achieve it one of the players must sac rife to stop the horror that lurks within the meatpacking district.

What to say?

The adventure within The Red Tower is wonderfully laid out. In conclusion, The Red Tower is one of the most memorable horror game to be played. If you would like to give this game an A+ rating, you might as well check out the other adventures from the No Security anthology.

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