Hebanon Games is a gaming site that was founded by Bruno Benitez. Bruno Benitez started everything because of his passion for gaming. He is a fan of various gaming genres and he knows how much fun and satisfaction playing games could bring. That’s why he begun to create a gaming website that features a lot of gaming stuff. When he started this website he was so eager to create the whole interface for the users.

It was on July 4, 2017. The website was launched and the website is mainly focused on gaming. The website introduces different kinds of games for those gamers that are looking for the latest games in the market. Mainly, Hebanon Games has a lot of cool stuff within the website. We offer various gaming information and updates for the audience. We are dedicated on bringing satisfaction to each audience.

 Hebanon Games also offers exciting and new up to date games regularly and all the contents in the website is based on own reviews of the games.

Since we know that there is a demand on the latest games, walkthroughs and game guides nowadays. So, we are dedicated on gathering and collecting specified gaming information for the gamers. Their opinions are significant to us that’s why we have a platform wherein they can interact through our forums.

Bruno Benitez is visualizing that this website will grew even more and his vision will prosper for the following years to come.