10 Proven Methods to Get into the Game Industry: How to Get in on Game Development

Is the videogame industry like a closed door? You only need a foot to get in the door. But how do you get it open?

It is possible to get involved in game development. You only need a solid strategy.

It’s time to stop looking for the “right way” because there is no “right way.” There are many options to get your first job in a game studio. Understanding the origins of the current crop of game developers is key to determining the best strategies.

These are 10 ways to get your first job in a videogame studio. We also have examples from professional developers who have done it. It worked for them and it could work for you.

1. Post your work on discussion boards

You might spend a lot time on discussion boards if you are aspiring to be a game developer. You don’t know who else is reading those discussion boards. Professional game developers do.

It’s an excellent way to get your work noticed by game studios. This can help you make industry connections that could lead to job offers.

Caleb Parrish is now a Game Director. But he wasn’t born that way. He was an artist who was unemployed and trying to get his first job. Caleb said, “Early, I would post a majority of the work that I was doing on forums such as CGchat.com (now GameArtisans.org), or Polycount.org. “Eventually, I became good enough to be offered a job by someone else.

Don’t be a lurker, start posting. Get to know other members of the board, which often include professional game developers who are looking for new hires. It’s possible that you will land your first job as a game developer.

2. Start a gaming blog

The best way to start if you are looking for a job in the gaming industry or writing about them, is to just… get started.

Jason Van Beveren had been working in a corporate job when he realized what he wanted. “I started an online gaming blog. I hoped to catch the attention of someone. I wanted to see if it was possible. Parris Lilly noticed me and asked me to manage a gaming website that he was co-managing. It took only a month.

Jason became Head of Player Experience in a game studio just a few short years later. If you start now, where could you be in a few more years?

3. Build your own indie games

It’s a question I am constantly asked: “How do I get experience in making games?”. Game studios don’t hire people without experience. Now you have some experience.

Dan Posluns was a programmer for his Apple IIc, and his TI85 calculator. He continued to make indie games until he was discovered by an established studio. He explained that he had spent time on websites before being approached and eventually hired by a company. They were impressed by my online homebrew Gameboy Advance work and reached out to me to arrange a job interview.

More, better and more free tools are now available for game development than ever before. Dan made his first indie game using a calculator. You have no excuses when you can download everything and get started creating video games right now.

4. As a Game Tester, you can get an entry-level position

The job of Game Tester, among all those in the gaming industry is the most easy to obtain. Why? Because most testing jobs are open to anyone, you don’t need a college degree. There are always vacancies for testers, as many game testers move on to other positions within the team.

Merric Shank began his career as a game tester. “A few years later, and a few companies later I was still in QA. My boss was aware that I was interested learning more about production, and that I wanted more responsibility. After some time, I was offered the chance to assist with a game’s development. I was then promoted to Associate Producer after a successful trial.

Kelly Toyama is now a Senior Designer. He started his career as a game tester, but that didn’t stop him from contributing to the design of his team. That caught the attention of his bosses. “I started out in QA, but design has always be my passion,” he says. It’s funny how game design can be so difficult. Just because you have the title doesn’t mean that you can do it.

You can also see How do I get my first job in a video game industry?There are many programmers, artists, designers, and other people who started as video game testers. Once you get your foot in the door it is easy to learn about game development and how a studio works. You learn, you make connections and you grow. There are endless opportunities for you to make the most of them.

5. Internship at a videogame studio

Even if you have never created a real game, a skill that is applicable to game development might help you get a job at a studio. Although not every studio offers an official game developer internship program they are open to working with part-time workers that are temporary and inexpensive.

Jaclyn Shumate started her career as an intern in game audio. She says that she was interested in audio engineering and signed up for classes… and fell in love. I searched for internships in game startup startups. It seemed like the best avenue to explore. It was eight years ago. Since then, I have been happy to work in many roles in game audio.

Game studios are looking for cheap workers if you’re interested in a job in the industry. Contact a local game studio to find out if they offer internships – it could be the perfect match.

6. Get a video-game related college degree

Mandi Grant received a Bachelor’s degree in Game Art & Design and was immediately hired out of school to join a game studio. As a Lead Designer and Designer, she shipped several major titles.

She says that a degree alone is not enough. “Crafting an experience involves critically looking at one’s own work and making improvements. It is necessary to constantly assume the role of a new player, even if you are already very familiar with your own level.

7. Get a traditional college degree

You’ll see that most job postings for various game studios say “Bachelor’s Degree Required” – but don’t specify what Bachelor’s Degree. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to games, provided you have the skills to apply them to game development.

Brandon Fogerty earned his Master’s degree in Computer Science and worked at non-gaming software companies before landing his first job as a programmer. It is important to never stop learning: “Technology is constantly changing and improving.” Engineers should be open to learning and ready to challenge themselves beyond their technical field.

Nathaniel Hubbell, now a Video Game Special effects Artist, started his career with an art degree that focused on animation for film. Through his professional network, he was able to transition to a job in the game industry. “I went to school to animation and made several short films. Through connections, I was able to find a job within the gaming industry. While I initially worked in character animation, I quickly realized that I had some experience with 3D art and was able to help out with effects. My supervisors suggested that I take on effects full-time after a while.

You might be skeptical about the various degrees that can lead to a career in game design. The education requirements for game designer are as varied as the game designers themselves.

8. You can get a job in a non-gamedev role at a gaming studio

A successful game studio requires a number of jobs, many of which are not directly related to making the game. You can still apply for non-development jobs in game studios, such as support staff, information technology, tools design, or other technical roles.

Brian Gish was a database engineer at the time he got his first job as a non-gamedev employee at a video game studio. “I had just lost my first job after college, which was at a computer backup reporting software company. I was contacted by a recruiter about a contract testing tool position at Microsoft Gaming Studio, working on Fable 2. It was something I had always wanted to do, so it was an amazing opportunity! After my contract expired, I was able get a job as a tool programmer at Sony Online Entertainment.

Also see: Do videogame studios ever consider hiring entry level job applicants?Frank Rogan was determined to be a web designer and his first job took him to a gaming studio to design their website. After getting his foot in the door, he began to help with game design. “I realized that I was the game designer who was actually wrangling other game designers’ work, and they call this person a Producer.”

If you are looking to make this strategy a success, focus on larger studios and publishers. You will have more support jobs if you target larger studios.

9. Participate in game jams

There are stories of people who get job offers for making something in a jam game, but I have only heard one such person.

It’s possible, and it makes sense. You’ll be able to create something for your portfolio after a game jam. Additionally, you will have learned how to work with a team under pressure. Furthermore, you will have broadened your professional network by meeting professionals who could help you find a job. If game jams appeal to you, it is worth looking into.

10. In-game apps

If you don’t want to work for a gaming company, there are other ways to make a living from games: Build apps that improve multiplayer games.

Although you need to be able to program, it is possible to create amazing apps for games such as League of Legends and Hearthstone using only JavaScript and HTML. You can make hundreds to thousands of dollars per month from subscriptions and in-app advertising if your app is useful.

Amit Tsur, a developer, created Dota Plus as a Dota 2app. Dota Plus is almost half a million downloaded so far. This has allowed Amit to quit his job and focus on game app development full-time.

Matt Hawkins is another example. He built in-game apps to games like Fortnite and Apex Legends. He began by creating HaloTracker, a single app. He was so impressed by the app that he made it a full-time job . also hired additional developers to create more apps.

11. Keep at it and never give up

Is “persistence” a strategy? It’s not easy to develop your skills and get a job as a videogame industry worker. It might seem like you are banging your head against a wall. You may feel discouraged. We’ve all been there.

Tony Ravo is the one who has experienced it most. Tony Ravo is currently a Lead Animator for a major video game studio. His first job in the game industry was not easy. It took many months and many rejections before he got it. Tony says, “Those who get jobs in the industry are the ones that continue to work on their reels and apply even after the first rejections.” Although I still have my Disney rejection letters, I realized that I needed to improve my drawing skills. Every rejection motivated me to keep working until I finally got in the door.

It’s not great to be rejected for a job. It’s not great to be rejected for a job. However, each rejection is a step towards landing your first game job.

The Best free games available right now

The best free games are the perfect addition to your holiday festivities. Whether you have a new gaming system and want to fill it up with new goods to try right away, or your bank account is looking distressingly empty after your holiday present buying is done, you’ll find a plethora of fantastic experiences that you may play for no extra money. Don’t be deceived by subpar free games and continual microtransaction pressure; the best free games show that they’re among the most dynamic games in the medium right now.

To be clear, many of these games provide options for would-be whales (those who spend a lot of money on a single game) and others who don’t mind spending a lot of money – but you must be able to have a good time without ever touching your wallet to make our list. We’ve compiled a list of 25 of the best free games, information on what to expect when you play, where to find them, and why we believe they’re worth your time. So put your credit card away, relax in your favorite gaming chair, and look at the top 25 free games available right now.

Free PlayStation 4 games

There are many free PS4 games to play on Sony’s platform, and you can start playing them right now.

Free PS4 games are available. Everyone who owns a PlayStation appreciates hearing that line because, after all, who doesn’t want free stuff? In certain situations, the games on this list may offer different ways for you to spend real money in-game, but the most crucial point of entry, purchasing and playing the game, still allows you to do so for free. Cutting down this list was difficult due to the abundance of free PS4 games available on PlayStation’s digital store. We made an effort to pick titles that can also be played on the PS5, and once you’ve perused our selection, you darling money-saving genius, don’t forget to check out the monthly PS Plus game drop!

Genshin’s Influence

MiHoYo’s massive open-world gacha JRPG was released late last year, and since then, it’s received a slew of updates and new features to give you even more reasons to immerse yourself in its world. You start the game as one of two siblings of your choice, cut off from your family. As you cross Teyvat’s enormous geography, you embark on an expedition to find answers from the gods of the elements known as The Seven. You’ll be able to try out several skills and acquire and gain a selection of playable characters. The unrestricted trip has a lot to offer.

Fallout Shelter is a post-apocalypse

Fallout Shelter might easily have been a throwaway sequel, but Bethesda has done a fantastic job of keeping it relevant in the years after its surprise E3 introduction. Users of the iOS and Android platforms can take control of their vaults and toy with the lives of their vault inmates. Send them to the wastelands, please. Make them risk their lives to keep the vault safe from raiders. Is it the happy sensation of productivity that causes the radiation, or is it the nice sense of productivity that causes the radiation?

Play these five challenging online driving games, With your friends.

  • It’s not easy to come across a great automobile game that you can play online with your friends. Before choosing one, you must first try a couple of them.
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  • Car games, particularly racing games, are timeless.

These days, finding a fun driving game to play online can be challenging. Unless you agree to play a very basic generic game that you can get on any general gaming website, you’ll have to dig for a long time.

Every good car game available for PC or console should be downloaded in some form. They are paid in great numbers, and only a few of them include multiplayer and internet features.

We’ll look at a few car games featuring online modes, as this is one of the most requested features in almost every game genre, not just this one.

Take a peek at the top 5 free online car games.

1. Forever, TrackMania Nations

With a community of over 17 million racers, TrackMania is a classic among online racing games.

Even though the original game was released in 2008, its robust and engaging gameplay keeps it current and active.

The free edition only includes the Stadium environment and a few features. The commercial edition of Trackmania United Forever offers car customization, a track editor, six new settings, and more.

You can try a game demo by downloading a special setup, which is only accessible for Windows.

2. Distinction

Because it demands a certain amount of finesse to play, distance has various opinions.

As a result, it is not a game for inexperienced players. However, it drew some fans who were previously uninterested in racing games due to its complicated gameplay and graphic style. Players have also applauded the original music.

It contains a multiplayer mode that can accommodate up to 12 players online and 2-4 players split-screen in various game settings.

3. Real Racing 3

This is a popular automobile game for Android and iOS smartphones that are only accessible as an app.

Thanks to 39 circuits, over 140 cars from top manufacturers, Real-Time Multiplayer, night racing, and Time Shifted MultiplayerTM (TSM) technology. You may race anybody anytime, anywhere.

People have expressed discontent with the vast amount of cheats in the online multiplayer mode as a side issue.

As with other apps, the free version only functions up to a point until in-app purchases are required.

4. Forza Horizon 3 is a racing game.

The Forza series (or their most current releases) consistently rank at the top of any racing game rankings due to their ultra-realistic graphics and challenging gameplay.

Forza Horizon 3 includes various races, time trials, driftings, and Bucket List Challenges set in some of Australia’s most stunning locations.

The game also includes a four-player live co-operative multiplayer Horizon campaign. It’s also part of the Xbox Gaming Anywhere program, enabling real-time cross-platform play.

5. Mario Kart Tour

We saved this one for last since no list of car games would be complete without a Super Mario game.

Mario Kart Tour is only available for download from the App Store or Google Play. The standard version is free to play, but in-app purchases are available.

You’ll need to create a Nintendo Account and add your pals to a specific list before you can play online after you’ve downloaded the app.

Unfortunately, the multiplayer feature received negative comments online due to its numerous problems. Many gamers have explicitly installed the application for this purpose. Thus the developers are surely working to fix it.

The best Assassin’s Creed video games are listed here.

It’s impossible to list the best Assassin’s Creed games from least to most beloved. First, a large amount of time will be spent on the road. We might be in Russia in seconds, and we will arrive in India the next day. Mykonos City shimmers in the distance, and in the blink of an eye, we’re in Renaissance Italy and Ancient Greece. There’s also the matter of personnel. From Shay to Arno, Edward to Jacob, Altar to Connor, or Ratonhnhaké:ton to give them their Sunday name, your view of the best Assassin’s Creed games may be influenced by the characters you play.

Assassin’s Creed Identity

Assassin’s Creed Identity makes its iOS debut with an RPG twist, aiming to be more like the full-blooded console editions. Identity is a stealth-and-stabbing game set in Renaissance Italy that seeks to recreate the series’ signature gameplay in a more condensed version. Ezio has been replaced by a series of custom-made characters, each of which was developed using an Italian name generator.

You’ll almost certainly spend more time fiddling with that than playing the game itself, which is unfortunate. It’s a free-to-play game that sends you throughout the world to murder some guy, obtain this artifact, or escort this person in exchange for skill points that you can spend to buy your character’s outfits, equipment, and movie sets. Because there aren’t many people around, flat graphics and boxy structures must do most of the work to produce a sense of location. The game’s weak controls make this considerably more difficult, urging you to run into walls rather than up them.

The Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines

Following the events of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Bloodlines: Brotherhood on the PSP continues Altair’s quest where the first game left off. Unlike previous mobile/handheld games in the series, Bloodlines attempts to replicate the appearance and gameplay of the console versions. On the other hand, Bloodlines performs a decent job in terms of gameplay, with clear visuals that give the feeling of a real AC game. However, the combat system makes it feel as clunky as hand-stitching in oven mitts when it comes to fighting.

While Bloodlines has a decent plot that isn’t as horrible as Altair’s Chronicles, it frequently falls flat and isn’t powerful enough to compensate for the poor fighting. Without Maria, Altair’s humorous friend from a dream sequence, who gives the plot life and depth, the game could have been worse. Unfortunately, she won’t be able to save the show independently.

In Assassin’s Creed, there are pirates.

It takes a lot of guts to slim down a mini-game from one of your older games and release it on its own. Due to the success of Black Flag, Ubisoft produced Assassin’s Creed Pirates, a mobile game based on ship combat from the competition.

Pirates try to be an Assassin’s Creed game by telling a story about Assassins, Templars, and mysterious DNA time machines, but it’s all a ruse: you spend 99 percent of your time launching. Cannonballs at other ships for friggin’ frickin’ frickin’ frickin’ frickin’ frick. However, the makers were aware of this, so they concentrated on the battle and made it simple to control boats using touch controls. Pirates aren’t on our list since it’s just a slice of another Assassin’s Creed game, but it should be because it’s so well-designed.